"There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit.
Try to be in the first group;
there is less competition there."

Indira Gandhi



Silverback Training and Events Solutions Co. was established in October 8, 2019 duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission Reg. No PG201917254.

Both hailing from state universities, founders Bong Sace and Viv Caja, veritably successful in their chosen fields, imbued with the shared vision to “Build the nation, one company at a time” combined their talents, skills and expertise to heed the call on the need to have an engaged and productive workforce, thereby enabling growth of the economy.

The silverback, from where the company’s name was derived, is the Alpha and the
Leader of the gorilla family. Silverbacks are strong, dominant troop leaders of the herd. They provide safety, security, comfort likened to family. With this in mind, when clients entrust their training and events with the company, they are assured that it will be treated with utmost diligence, quality and  genuine concern, like that of family. That is, the Silverback promise.


To build the nation, one company at a time.


Our mission is to keep the workforce equipped and engaged to maximize productivity.


Founding Partners


“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it. And what you do, simply reflects what you believe.” – Simon Sinek

Hi, my name is Rey Sace – or some call me Coach Bong. I’m a Team Building Facilitator, HR and Training Consultant. And my belief is that, if your company/organization comes out of my training/ seminar/ team building session more productive, I’ve done my small part in Nation Building.

Let’s build the nation, one company at a time.


A trail blazer, a bold and visionary leader, a detailed and passionate event and production manager, a strong and independent woman, a mentor, a loving wife and a caring mother.

She is currently a Bank Fraud Manager on one of the largest financial institutions based in the US. Her leadership and continued passion in managementgave her the opportunity to represent the Philippines to the Annual Bank Operations Meeting held in Arizona, USA.

A true testament of her expertise as an event manager, she has led and successfully launched company-initiated activities forSynchrony Financial (formerly known as GE Capital) since 2005; Family Day, Christmas Party, Fun Run, Awards Night, Team Building, Management Committee Strategic Planning and company anniversary to name a few.

Senior Facilitators








Human Resource Training

Imbued with the need for life-long learning, the company provides numerous human resource and soft skills training to equip our clients with the demands of modern times

Team Building

Developmental team building program with solid theoretical underpinning to propel your team’s growth and success.

Commercial Events

With at least two decades of expertise in all facets of production management, we offer a broad range of services

Silverback Training and Events Solutions is the fastest growing training and events company who specializes in human resources training, corporate and commercial events.


We hired Bong as our facilitator for our first batch of Team Building for Employees. He has tremendous energy and exudes wit and humor in his delivery. We are now on our batch 6 of employees and we only trust him to conduct these sessions for our company.
Engr. Manny Mendoza
President and CEO of Monocrete Construction Philippines Inc.
Bong Sace is part of the team who conducted our team building and we were very pleased with the results. Not only did the activities bring out the creativity and competitive spirit of the sales agents but we were able to spot “new bloods” who stepped up and took on leadership roles. He is clearly up for the task and is versed in his role as a facilitator.
Rafael Antonio S. Perez
Senior Assistant Vice President – Human Resources of Megaworld Corporation
I met Bong Sace through the recommendation of a fellow Vice President in our company. He conducted a team building session for my Volleyball players both men and women. My expectations were very high knowing that our crowd was very athletic. He was able to deliver a superb program which was very relevant and appropriate for my team. We have contracted his services every year and he has never failed to amaze us with the outcome.
Christopher “Auggie” Cadua
Vice President for Human Resources, Media Quest - MVP Group of Companies
As an in-house facilitator myself, I had very high expectations for Bong Sace when we hired him. Come lunch time, I was very impressed by his delivery of the session and moved by his energy and enthusiasm. I have recommended him to 8 of my fellow branch heads. He definitely exceeded my expectations and such a joy to work with.
Antonio B. Espejo
Standard Insurance Philippines Incorporated, Ortigas Branch